Salina Arts & Humanties

As a department of the City of Salina, Salina Arts & Humanities (SA&H) has served a unique role in arts advocacy since 1966. SA&H is noted nationally for its services as a valued component of balanced local governance and for the financial and other support it provides many area arts organizations. Among the longtime programs SA&H directly produces are the Smoky Hill River Festival, Smoky Hill Museum, Arts Infusion Program, Horizons Grants Program, Community Art & Design, and Cultural Creative Connections Newsletter.

Key to the long-range focus of Salina Arts & Humanities is four goals that comprise the city’s Big Ideas Community Cultural Plan, adopted in 2008.


Brad Anderson, Executive Director, April 2023
Brad Anderson
Executive Director
Anna Pauscher Morawitz, Operations and Development Manager, April 2023
Anna Pauscher Morawitz
Operations & Development Manager
Crystal Hammerschmidt, Visual Arts Coordinator, April 2023
Crystal Hammerschmidt
Arts Services Coordinator
Sarah Keck, Arts Education Coordinator, April 2023
Sarah Keck
Arts Education Coordinator
Susan Eberwein, Program Assistant, April 2023
Susan Eberwein
Program Assistant
Amanda Morris, Office Administrator, April 2023
Amanda Morris
Office Administrator
Maira Mota, Accounting Tech
Maira Mota
Accounting Technician

Staff Photos Courtesy of AH Photography ©2023

Salina Arts & Humanities Foundation

Foundation members are chosen through a process of nomination.
2023-2024 Board Members

Salina Arts & Humanities Commission

Salina Arts & Humanities Commissioners are chosen through Expression of Interest applications and appointed by the Mayor. Community members can apply for a board or commission on the City of Salina website.
2023-2024 Commissioners

The mission of Salina Arts & Humanities is the cultivation of this place through the power of the arts and humanities to change lives and build community.

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