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Under Cottonwood, 2012 - 2016

Connecting art-making and environmental processes in the creation of site specific sculpture from pre-consumer and recycled materials. Forty community volunteers participated in the incorporation of over 20,000 pounds of recycled Salina Journal newspapers into these beautiful and impressive sculptures for the 2012 Smoky Hill River Festival. Placed within the natural context of the park, the sculptures reflect the deposit-and-decay cycle that underlies the making of the land. Siegels works prompt dialogue about society, landscapes, and form-all with an eye for natures processes. A project of the Smoky Hill River Festival

Title: Under Cottonwood, 2012 - 2016

Artist: Steven Siegel

Media: Recycled Newspaper

Completion Date: 2012

Address: 730 Oakdale Drive, Oakdale Park, north of the Kenwood Bridge

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