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Oakdale/Carver Pool

Combining traditional European and Afro- Caribbean patterns, Brooklyn-based artist Molly Dilworth builds her projects from the ground up, literally and metaphorically. The work is a horizontal mural that integrates the history of Salinas favorite summer-fun activity - swimming. Built in the 1920s, the large pool, now a shallow pond, is painted with two derivative patterns - Pennsylvania Dutch barn decorations and English-Irish quilt patterns. The inset design demarcates the size of the Carver Pool -40 by 60- which opened in 1948 as a blacks-only pool during Salinas segregation days. This work is visible to satellite engines such as Google Earth, marking a visual history of Salina from an aerial perspective. A project of the Smoky Hill River Festival

Title: Oakdale/Carver Pool

Artist: Molly Dillworth

Media: Painted Mural

Completion Date: 2012

Address: Oakdale Park, 730 Oakdale Drive

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